Application service

Our school management application focuses on the core features like Transport management, HR management, School and student management with high security and graphical reports. We also offer a complete backup support for our customers with efficient people to provide prompt and professional support for all the problems and concerns at your end.


Different core modules to manage each and every school data like Holidays, Events and Notifications along with student and staff details.

Automatic registration number generation for the students. Manage multiple student profile in single instance with the ability to import and upload bulk data.


Role management with controlled access permissions

Personalised dashboard for every user

Restricted user rights for parent, faculty, student and drivers

Flexible MIS Reporting


Manage complete details of student’s attendance, report card, performance chart etc.,

Create and Manage Homework, Assignments and Projects

Conduct online tests and assessments Either Subject wise or Class wise

Post list of toppers and achievers for any specific assessment or sport event of the school.


Graphical reports on exam performance either class wise or subject wise can be generated.

Reports can also be generated either in standard or custom format.

Reports can also be generated on the performances of the teachers, school inventory, daily expenses, employee attendance etc.,


Our Flexible transport management modules assists in creating best route for the destination with pick up and drop point.

Route wise and pickup-point wise student reports can also be generated.

Automatic update of school bus student’s attendance.


Manage complete employee details with attendance, payroll etc.,

Update daily class work, assignments, homework and syllabus.

Employee leave approval and cancellation.

Cumulative performance analysis of teaching staffs.

Add-on Services

At BestShine Education Campus Pvt Ltd, we strive to deliver a lot of add on services like web designing, software development, NEET/IAS coaching, Voice/Text messaging portal, CCTV Camera, BioMetric System, Solar Power System, School Uniforms , School Bags and school management software

Bestshine Software and Communication System

Software Development

Highly customizable school management software specific to the customer needs and specifications are developed by our professional and dynamic team. We also offer mobile integrity to the software app for effortless management.

School management Software

Ours is a ready to use complete cloud based mobile app integrated web application for school management that facilitates an all-round automated backend administration and data management.

Voice / Text sms Portal

We provide both voice and text based cost effective messaging services for all types of social, marketing and promotion campaigns with excellent track records. Instant messages can be sent on the go to unlimited contacts from different groups at a time.

Web Design

Apart from the above said services we also provide website designing for our potential customers. We also strive to create a search engine friendly websites with rich and optimized keywords for the success of your business.

Bestshine Security and Solar Power System

CCTV Camera / DVR

Bestshine also provide a wide range of IP & Analog surveillance solution designed for SMB and Enterprise market. This versatile range of cameras offers professional, full-features, high definition video surveillance.

Biometric & Access Control System

Bestshine provide a range of Biometric sensors or access control systems are classified into two types such as Physiological Biometrics and Behavioral Biometrics. The physiological biometrics mainly include face recognition, fingerprint, hand geometry, Iris recognition and DNA.

Solar Power System

Build your modern life by solar power High efficient and performance LED lights with adjustable brightness tuner. AC and DC output for watching TV. AC output for refrigerator, computers, and other home appliances.

Bestshine Online Coaching Center

Neet Exam

Bestshine provide a The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test or NEET-UG is an entrance examination in India, for students who wish to study graduate medical course and dental course in government or private medical colleges and dental colleges respectively in India.

Class Wise Online Exam

Easy of use You probably have a lot of things on your mind. And you don't want to waste to much time an administration and examination. Our exam software for schools comes to the rescue. It's designed for ease of use. So you can focus on teaching.Question types and settings We offer a lot of question types , Multiple choice text questions.Multiple choice image questions,Free text questions and Fill in the blank questions

Competitive Exams After Graduation For Jobs

We also provide IAS coaching with model question papers along with answers. Online tests and knowledge bank is also available for those who sign up for the program with just a simple registration process.

Bestshine Textiles

School Uniforms

A school uniform is worn primarily for a school or otherwise educational institution. Wearing uniforms leads to positive psychological outcomes like increased self-esteem, spirit & reinforced feelings of oneness among students. School uniforms encourage discipline, help students resist peer pressure to buy trendy clothes and diminish economic and social barriers between students.

School Bags

School days are the most cherished days of our lives. Memories of those times are hard to forget. Why not add colour to these days and make them special for your kids? As part of the school accessories that you can explore, the most prominent is your children’s school bag. There is hardly anything else that has potential for any variation as their uniforms are the same for all the kids.